Acid Plant Food

Maxsea 14-18-14 Acid Plant Food is especially formulated for all acid loving plants. Boosted with soil acidifiers and fast acting chelated iron and zinc, this formula will acidify alkaline soils and correct and prevent chlorosis (yellow foliage). In addition to a regular feeding program for acid loving plants, this is an excellent formula to give ailing plants a boost, regardless of pH preferences.

To increase flowering of acid loving plants use equal parts of Maxsea Bloom and Maxsea Acid. This equates to a formula that approximates 10-20-20 and is an effective way to stimulate the flower and fruit cycle of acid loving plants.

A partial list of acid loving plants that will benefit from a regular feeding program with Maxsea Acid Plant Food includes Azaleas, Camellias, Rhododendrons, Hydrangeas, Gardenias, Citrus, Orchids, Lilacs, Daphne, Daffodils, Tulips, Begonias, Ferns, Hollies, Japanese Maples, Junipers, Conifers, Blueberries, Raspberries and Blackberries.

This special Maxsea formula is comprised of primary plant foods nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. A full spectrum of important secondary elements and micronutrients provide sulfur, boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc. The seaweed granules in Maxsea contain over 60 recognized elements all found to be beneficial to plants. All components are in a concentrated water-soluble form that goes to work immediately for fast acting immediate results.

At Maxsea, we manufacture 3 basic formulas and together they are all you’ll ever need for any kind of plant. Maxsea soluble seaweed plant foods come in convenient recyclable, resealable containers, in 24 oz., 6lb. and 20 lb. sizes.

“Earlier this month, I mentioned to another staff member that the raspberries looked like they needed a little Maxsea. Their leaves were yellowing and they looked hungry.  Each plant received a feeding of Maxsea Acid formula and began to change color within a few days.  Now they are all nice and dark green with a flush of new growth.  We love Maxsea and recommend it often. I have seen Maxsea begin to color up yellow leaves in as short as 3 days.

Maxsea all purpose formula has been a part of our rose spray recipe for years. Roses sprayed with Maxsea have beautiful dark, glossy leaves and win more awards.”

- Greg Zollars, Alden Lane Nursery, Livermore CA

“After noticing my neighbors citrus was oh so much happier than mine, I had to ask what they were feeding with—Maxsea Acid was the answer. Wow and double wow! The foliage is brilliant green and the plants heavy with fruit, so much so I’ve started using it on all my acid loving plants. I’ve never seen a product work so well or so fast. Just had to let you know and say thank you Maxsea! My plants have never been happier.”

- M. Roche-Boyard, Home Gardener, Mill Valley, CA